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Save Mount Diablo
We Can't Afford To Wait
The Wild Lands Next Door
Save Mount Diablo From What?
Acquisition is the first step. Stewardship is forever.
Acquisition is the first step. Stewardship is forever.
Diablo's Majestic Open Spaces
Forever Wild
Join the Campaign for Diablo's Wild Lands

Our Land Conservation Work

We are on a time-sensitive land conservation mission.

Save Mount Diablo is working to preserve, defend, and restore the remaining 70,000 acres on Mount Diablo and its foothills for wildlife and people to enjoy.

Our Mission


We protect natural lands through acquisition, cooperative efforts with parks, developers and landowners and conservation easements.


We defend Mount Diablo and its foothills from threats of development through land use planning and advocacy.


We restore habitat prior to transfer to a public agency for permanent preservation and public use.


We help people enjoy Diablo’s parks through events, educational and recreational opportunities.

Recent News, Announcements, and Field Notes

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Guided Hikes, Restoration Workdays & Upcoming Events

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 6

Tuesday March 20th  9:00 am

Enjoy the beauty of Mt. Diablo’s foothills as we help restore the top of a volcanic dome!  Workday tasks will include watering native plants and weeding/mulching planting areas.

30 Years of Protecting Our Mountain: An Anniversary Tribute to Seth Adams

Thursday March 22nd  5:30 pm

Join us in celebrating Land Conservation Director Seth Adam’s 30th anniversary with Save Mount Diablo, as we commemorate milestones achieved protecting, defending and restoring Mount Diablo’s irreplaceable wild lands, and look forward to more great years of conservation. 

Discover Diablo – Curry Canyon Ranch Photography Skills Hike

Saturday March 24th  9:00 am

Hiking Mt. Diablo offers many great photographic opportunities. Great views, vibrant and diverse forests, waterfalls, dramatic rock formations and many other spectacular scenes are common. In this one day workshop, you’ll learn the most effective techniques and tools for capturing the beauty of the area with your unique vision. You’ll learn: – Camera setup and …

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Many Acres of Wild Lands Have Now Been Saved


In 1971, there was just one park on Mount Diablo. It consisted of only 6,788 protected acres, mostly around the peak. Working with partners such as California State Parks and Contra Costa County, the East Bay Regional Parks District, local cities, the Coastal Conservancy, Contra Costa Water District, and others–we, together with the help of generous supporters like you, have pieced together a conserved expanse of Diablo Wild lands that today is greater than 110,000 acres, an area bigger than Point Reyes National Seashore or the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Although we and our partners have had tremendous success at reassembling a large swath of the wild lands around Mount Diablo, there is still much work to do to save the remaining unprotected lands and allow our community to grow.

Protected Lands

More Wild Land is at Risk.

77,000 acres of natural lands are still threatened by development.

With 2 million more people predicted to move into the Bay Area by 2045 and the current red-hot real estate market, our window for saving this land is closing fast. Once our precious green and gold mosaic is lost, it will be lost forever.

What’s At Stake?

Land Use Campaigns

These Land Use Planning Issues Need Your Attention!

More Issues

How You Can Help

Join the Campaign to Save Diablo’s Wild Lands

Help Us Preserve Mount Diablo and its Foothills in Perpetuity

In 2012, Save Mount Diablo launched FOREVER WILD, our first capital campaign, with a target of raising $15 million by 2019.

With your support, we will permanently conserve, defend, and steward key vulnerable portions of the Diablo wild lands, transfer these properties to the public trust where appropriate, and stand ready to protect the threatened land that remains.

 Thanks to the remarkable generosity of our campaign donors, as of 2017, we have raised $10 million towards our goal… but there is still a long road ahead of us. Save Mount Diablo needs your support today more than ever.

 Now is the time to preserve the natural heritage of Mount Diablo for wildlife and for current and future generations.

Forever Wild

My dream is that the whole of Mount Diablo, including its foothills, will remain open space… that the visual and natural integrity will be sustained.

Dr. Mary L. Bowerman
Co-Founder, Save Mount Diablo