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Mount Diablo - Blackbird Fields
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Our Mission

Artist and Supporter profile by Paul KPreserve, Defend, Restore, Enjoy
Save Mount Diablo's mission is to preserve Mount Diablo's peaks, surrounding foothills and watersheds through land acquisition and preservation strategies designed to protect the mountain's natural beauty, biological diversity and historic and agricultural heritage; enhance our area's quality of life; and provide recreational opportunities consistent with protection of natural resources.

In support of our mission, Save Mount Diablo:

  1. Protects natural lands through purchases, gifts and cooperative efforts with public and private entities.

  2. Educates the public regarding threats to the mountain's flora, fauna, and rugged beauty, and to the history and heritage of the mountain and its surrounding foothills.

  3. Partners with landowners to preserve their property and to ensure that they receive fair value in any transaction aimed at preserving open space.

  4. Works in partnership with Mount Diablo State Park, East Bay Regional Park District, and other public and private entities to increase and manage natural lands and to identify mitigation opportunities.

  5. Participates in the land use planning process for projects that could impact Mount Diablo and its surrounding foothills.

  6. Aids in the restoration of habitat and the preservation of rare species.

  7. Offers technical advice to community and neighborhood groups regarding preservation of natural lands.

  8. Hosts recreational events to build public awareness and to carry out our programs.

  9. Temporarily owns, and responsibly manages, lands prior to their transfer to a public agency for permanent preservation.

  10. Encourages recreation and public enjoyment of Mount Diablo's park lands, consistent with the protection of their natural resources.

Our Vision

Almost every Californian has seen Mount Diablo. It is the great central landmark of the state. Whether we are walking in the streets of San Francisco, or sailing on any of our bays and navigable rivers, or riding on any of the roads in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys,
or standing on the elevated ridges of the mining districts before us - in lonely boldness, and at almost every turn, we see Monte del Diablo.

From: Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity in California
by J.M. Hutchings, 1860.

Over a century later, when we see Mount Diablo from afar, we have a sense of homecoming. As a community we take great pride in our mountain which stands as a visual symbol of the natural beauty that makes this part of California so special. We fully expect that the mountain and its foothills will always be there to offer a viable home for native plants and animals, a place for recreation, and a source of solitude and serenity for us all.

Save Mount Diablo embraces this expectation and envisions a permanently protected natural reserve in Contra Costa County, with the peak of Mount Diablo at its heart. We foresee large portions of this habitat preserved as park lands, but our vision includes private ranch lands shielded by conservation easements or other forms of protection. We also envision ecologically sound stewardship of these lands.

We endeavor to keep free from development both the Mount Diablo core area (the clearly visible peaks and their surrounding slopes, valleys and ridges), and to preserve specific areas that have major wildlife, recreational, scenic and scientific values. These are the: Mount Diablo to Lime Ridge, Mount Diablo to Black Diamond Mines, Mount Diablo to Morgan Territory, Black Diamond Mines to Round Valley and the Marsh Creek corridors.

Our activities include efforts leading to open space acquisition and vigilance with regards to land use proposals. SMD’s greatest acquisition efforts are focused closest to the Mount Diablo core, and our land use involvement emphasizes areas farther out.

Achieving our vision requires diligence, perseverance and patience. Today, over half the acreage around Mount Diablo is privately owned. At some unpredictable time, many of these lands will come up for sale on the open market. When these opportunities occur, Save Mount Diablo will need to have the financial resources available that will permit timely purchase of such parcels, with the ultimate aim of passing the lands into public ownership. Save Mount Diablo also seeks the financial strength to sustain its long-term efforts, protect lands by means other than by purchase, provide effective management of lands pending transfer to public stewardship, ensure proper maintenance of park lands, and promote restoration of park lands and native species.

Each person has his/her own private relationship with nature. For some, this means an early morning walk among spring wildflowers; for others, a backpacking trip, car camping with the family, bird watching, the hot afternoon scents and sounds of an oak woodland or the majestic beauty of Mount Diablo against a summer sky. Inherent in all of these activities is a momentary escape from the stress of urban living, and an awakening of the spirit.

Underlying Save Mount Diablo’s vision is the profound conviction that wild open spaces are essential to the quality of life and the belief that the fulfillment of our vision offers hope for the future-ours, our children’s and our children’s children. We understand the work involved and we know that achieving this vision depends on the hard work and collaborative efforts of many individuals and organizations. The stakes are too high not to push forward.

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