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Diablo Trails Challenge
A Trail Run for Everyone - 5K, 10K, Half Marathon
April 8, 2017

Diablo Trails Challenge has a run for everyone from those hitting the trail for the first time to experienced ultra-runners with a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon. Hosted by Brazen Racing, this fundraising run for Save Mount Diablo showcases just a fraction of the Diablo wildernesses’ beauty and helps Save Mount Diablo to preserve, defend and restore more land for you, wildlife and future generations to enjoy.

The 5K, 10K and Half Marathon will all begin and end at Castle Rock Recreation Area in Diablo Foothills, Walnut Creek. All races will be professionally timed. All runners receive medals and T-shirts after the race. More information and more photos from Brazen Racing.

Visit Brazen Racing for more information.

Parking at Castle Rock Recreation Area in Diablo Foothills will fill quickly so off site parking has been arranged with free shuttle service to the park for the event. Off site parking is located at the Northgate High School at 425 Castle Rock Road in Walnut Creek. Click here to create directions.

We were fortunate to have many talented photographers at the Save Mount Diablo Trails Challenge this year! Here is the 2015 gallery:

Photo Gallery
Where By
50K on Curry Canyon Ranch Scott Hein,

We photograph, video- and audio-record throughout the event, and by entering the space and joining the gathering you are granting us permission to record you.


Thanks to all participants, volunteers, Park Rangers, HAM radio volunteers, Contra Costa Sheriff's Search and Rescue Teams and sponsors for making this run possible.  The hills are usually luscious green showing off the Diablo area and the lands Save Mount Diablo is helping to preserve.




“What makes this a unique trail event are the Search and Rescue volunteers, on-course radio communications and timing chips.  Also, it benefits Save Mount Diablo, enabling people to safely explore new, unfamiliar terrain (including new trails, and new off-road courses for people who've only run roads in the past).  It's much more of an adventure than any road run you'll do!” – Dave, Danville

"Everything about the event was terrific, and I can't think of anything that could be improved. Folks in the bay area are fortunate to have a new fine ultra event and more important, a beautiful mountain with loads of open space. The aid station details etc were perfect (for ex. multiple types of salt tabs for different preferences) and no shortage of encouraging volunteers. Having Bob (Coomber) talk at the start was very inspiring for everyone, and whenever I was hurting on an uphill, I thought about him climbing that same hill in his chair. Also, some of the trails on this course particularly east of Finley Rd, are under-used, and this event will undoubtedly stimulate folks to come out and enjoy them more now that they've seen how beautiful the area is. Thanks for all you do in saving the mountain for our use and holding this event. I'm looking forward to next year. " Beth Vitalis

"I want to thank everyone for their efforts in making the Diablo Trail 50K progress from an idea to an actual event . No one receives the monetary compensation they deserve for the labor they give in making a race happened and in minimizing mishaps on race day."

"The runners I talked to enjoyed the course. So I think Save Mount Diablo should continue to support it for a couple of years and see if we can increase the number of participants. In this Internet Age a race's popularity is still reliant upon old school word of mouth from other runners during their training runs and at the other races they do. The runners I talked with yesterday loved the course and were amazed at the support we had for them. The Search and Rescue teams in operation would be the envy of most race directors on the planet."

"I really enjoyed working as the timer for this inaugural point-to-point 50K in Walnut Creek, CA The runners were treated to a nice day (sunny, but WINDY at various spots, and a bunch of mud on the trail), the predicted rain held off, and it seemed like a good time was had by almost all (of the 48 starters, there was only one DNF.) This race is tough (~8000 ft climb), but lots of people said that the views were spectacular in a number of places. The organization was top-notch (race management could easily have hosted a couple hundred runners with the supplies they brought for 50, it was that well done.) Times were a tad slow (overall winner Mark Tanaka ran a 5:42, and I'd expected he'd be closer to 4:30, while second overall and first woman Beth Vitalis ran 6:06(?)), but I think that had mostly to do with the toughness of the course and the wind. Of course, the fact that the course was right around 33 miles instead of 31.1 might have had something to do with it, too! ;-) Anyway, if you want a great early-season run on a really good course in Northern California, put this one on your list!"

"You and the Save Diablo volunteers did a super great job putting on the race and introduced many people, including me, to beautiful trails that we never knew existed. The aid people were plentiful and enthusiastic."

"I came for inspiration and self-revelation through a mixed feeling of suffer and grand breathtaking scenery. I felt touched at every steps and every bit of service from the volunteers. Thanks to all who helped make our day!!"

"I love the concept of going through at least 5 parks-from Round Valley to I believe Los Vaqueros Watershed to Morgan Territory into Mount Diablo State Park and veering into Shell Ridge Open Space before finishing back up at Castle Rock Park. I especially appreciate all who put the event to together and made it happen such as Mike Palmer and the Save Mount Diablo Committee. And a special thanks to those who marked the course-they did a Great Job!-I usually go off the course in almost every 50 K I’ve done-this one I remained on the Course the whole way."

"I look forward to running the event next year. I will now be able to give more info to my customers about this wonderful event! You all did a great job from start to finish. I am so happy an organization is in place so that we all can have this wonderful mountain to play on." Roberta McGraw, employee of Forward Motion

"Thank you to everyone involved in Sunday's run. Although I was cursing a little toward the end, a day later I am reflecting back with a very happy and positive feeling. The aid stations were great, the volunteers were even better. All the volunteers had infectious energy all the way through to the end! The hills and views were the best I've seen on any course and I had a feeling of pride, running (and completing) the first official Diablo 50K. The course was beautifully challenging (and the wind didn't make it any easier). "

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