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Mount Diablo - Chapparrall Springs
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CA Technologies
 Mount Diablo Challenge
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Riders of all ages are welcome to join in this event! Riders can compete on any type of non-motorized bicycle, including tandems, uni-cycles and hand powered vehicles. We are also happy to announce the Second Annual "Ride Your Age" Division - Level the playing field for 50+ age and gender! Ride Mount Diablo in the number of minutes as you are old and you will win a Save Mount Diablo jersey and get on the podium.

All proceeds benefit Save Mount Diablo’s land conservation efforts to create a national park-sized wilderness in your backyard for you, wildlife and future generations to enjoy.

For information on the 2016 Mount Diablo Challenge, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook!

Online registration is now closed (September 30th, 11:59pm PST)!

Not available in XS

MDC shirt sketch

2015 Jersey
Fellow cyclist and Pixar Artist Matt Nolte created an exclusive design for Save Mount Diablo Challenge shirts and jerseys again!


The Save Mount Diablo jersey is available now through our Jakroo storefront. 15% of the proceeds go to Save Mount Diablo to help preserve, defend and restore the Diablo wilderness for all to enjoy. Jerseys can be ordered after the event date and will be recieved by mail.



This year we reached our goal by raising $6,500! Your donations were doubled thanks to a generous matching fund of $8,500 from the Nathan Ohrbach Foundation.

Previous Prizes & Awards

6Fifteen Cyclery Raffle Prize

Fastest Team Award Winner

  • This year featured the 2nd Ride Your Age Award, finish the ride in the number of minutes you are old or less, thanks to Encina Veterinary Hospital.
  • All riders reaching the summit in less than 1 hour received a special “One Hour” T-Shirt. 
  • See our complete list of 2015 Prizes and Awards!
  • From California to Peru! Raffle prize winner Kevin Davidson of the CA Technologies Racing Team donated the 6Fifteen Cyclery bicycle prize, donated by Dave & Sue Dalton, to Pacific Atlantic Cycling (PAC) Tours. The bike will be gifted by PAC Tours during their end of summer trip to help Peruvian cyclists.

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors, volunteers, park rangers, the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club, and the Contra Costa County Sheriff's department. Without your efforts we could not make this event possible!


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