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Marsh Creek Properties


Marsh Creek has the third largest flows of any creek in Contra Costa County. Most years the water sinks below the gravel beds in summer but pools are apparent up and down stream. They’re habitat for the threatened California red-legged frog and many other species. Save Mount Diablo seeks to acquire properties along the Marsh Creek corridor, one of the longest and least developed streams in the East Bay. The creek’s headwaters and several miles of its length are protected within Morgan Territory Reg. Preserve and Mount Diablo State Park. Several more miles are protected at Round Valley and in the new Cowell Ranch State Park, and its mouth is found near the proposed site of the Delta Science Center in Oakley at Big Break.

Save Mount Diablo’s properties are closed to the public except by guided tour. 

Marsh Creek BendMarsh Creek 1
Size: 9 acres
Location: Marsh Creek Road
A 9-acre property located in the Marsh Creek region, adjacent to and visible from both directions on Marsh Creek Road. Acquired in 2007, the property has high resource value including Marsh Creek.


Aspara Drive and Dark CanyonMarsh Creek 2
Size: 17 acres
Location: Marsh Creek Road
Acquired in 2008, Marsh Creek 2 is a 17-acre property at the entrance to the narrowest part of Marsh Creek Canyon. The property is highly visible, with grassland slopes above Marsh Creek Road, a steep wooded canyon and a large oak-covered knoll. The views of Mount Diablo to the west and of Marsh Creek Canyon to the east are incredible. A large seven foot diameter culvert connects the drainage under the road to Marsh Creek and fencing can be used to direct wildlife safely through the culvert to the creek.

Marsh Creek 3: preserved with a conservation easement over 35 acres of the 38 acre property located partly adjacent to Marsh Creek 2 on one corner and East Bay Regional Park District’s Clayton Ranch at another.

Aspara Drive and Dark CanyonMarsh Creek 4
Size: 2.65 acres
Location: Marsh Creek Road

A 2.65 acre parcel across from Marsh Creek 2. The creek crosses the property maintaining a healthy riparian habitat with high resource values. A cattle culvert connects the property and creek with Marsh Creek 2. We are restoring the property, acquired in 2008, to widen out and enhance the riparian woodland.