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Mount Diablo - Morgan Territory
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The Benefits of Preserving Natural Areas

Sponsor and event participant profile of Brian GatesWe live in a culture that produces more malls than high schools, m ore prisoners than farmers, and develops land at the rate of 257 acres per hour. Today’s average American can recognize one thousand corporate logos, but can’t identify ten plants and animals native to her region. From public health officials to psychologists to social entrepreneurs, there is a growing recognition that our problems as a culture come, fundamentally, from our increasing separation from the natural and wild habitats that have sustained us. (source: Whole Measures for Whole Communities)

The preservation of natural land is more than an amenity. It is critical to producing healthy ecosystems that support people and communities. Natural land is important because it:

  • Fosters active outdoor lifestyles.
  • Supports leading a balanced life.
  • Provides outdoor gathering spaces that build community.
  • Is a source for sustainable economic opportunity.
  • Is the system upon which we all depend for clean air, clean water, and healthy food.

Save Mount Diablo’s work to preserve and protect natural land has a measurable impact on the quality of life in the surrounding community. We work to encourage the relationships between people and land and biodiversity, and to unite differing perspectives on environmental preservation. Save Mount Diablo helps to inspire and enable members of the community to preserve their surroundings, and to promote the vitality and health of the community.

Doc Hale shares some of Diablo's wonders
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