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Mount Diablo - Morgan Territory
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Threats to the Mountain
What does Mount Diablo Need Saving From?


About half of Mount Diablo is privately held land.  Much of the land surrounding the mountain is also in private hands.  The biggest threat to preserving these natural lands is development.  Here we’ll look at some examples of threats to the mountain and how Save Mount Diablo works to counter these threats. 

A common first step to development is grading. A developer will grade or disk hills in order to make them easier to build on. Sometimes this process takes place prior to the development project's approval which needlessly scars the land and irreparably destroys views. In addition, grading tears up plant life and scares off wildlife - preventing a realistic assessment of a project's environmental impacts, particularly when an area may have been habitat to threatened or endangered species. An example of the damage grading can cause is the Pittsburg Hills Grading Project.

In 2010, developers in Brentwood sought to overturn a voter-approved urban limit line in an effort to build 1300 houses and develop commercial areas on 740 acres of protected agricultural land and open space.  Save Mount Diablo teamed up with Brentwood residents and other environmental groups to defeat the developer-sponsored Measure F in June, 2010.

Developers tried to annex beautiful Doolan Canyon, the last remaining open space between Dublin and Livermore, into Dublin so that they could build more than 1,000 houses. This would have threatened an existing regional preserve, added lots of traffic to an already terribly congested area, and encouraged more housing in what was already one of the fastest-growing cities in the state. We led a Coalition of residents and environmental groups in a ballot initiative that created a new Urban Limit Line on Dublin’s east side, which limits development and protects Doolan Canyon, and then defended the new Line against a developer’s competing ballot measure in November 2014. Residents and the environment won.

While development creates immediate and obvious threats to Mount Diablo, its foothills and habitats, side effects from progress such as pollution and climate change pose serious and lasting dangers as well. Read about the effects of climate change on Mount Diablo beginning on page four of Diablo Watch.

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