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OpenRoad with Doug McConnell | NBC Bay Area

OpenRoad with Doug McConnell, a series produced by NBC Bay Area, takes viewers on journeys to explore the natural, historical, and cultural treasures of the Bay Area and Northern California. The show focuses principally on parks and open spaces protected for the enjoyment of the public and for future generations.

OpenRoad is made possible in part by support from these public and nonprofit institutions that are committed to caring for our special environmental and historical legacies.

Learn More about the Show

Watch Save Mount Diablo Featured on OpenRoad Below!

Save Mount Diablo Conservation Collaborative:

A Program Connecting Kids with Nature

Broadcasted on NBC Bay Area—April 28, 2019

An Interview with Seth Adams:

Defending the Pittsburg Hills, Youth Advocacy, and Imagining a Summit-to-Sea Trail

Broadcasted on NBC Bay Area—March 28, 2019

A 4-Day Trek on the Diablo Trail

Trek across one of the largest wild landscapes in urban America

Travel through paradise with Doug McConnell as we explore the wild and scenic wonders of one of the largest protected landscapes in urban America. We’ll go up and over the steep shoulders of Mount Diablo for more than 30 miles from Walnut Creek to near Brentwood in the Central Valley on the Diablo Trail, trailing along the same course of Save Mount Diablo’s popular group camping trip, Four Days Diablo. We’ll discover that saving Mount Diablo has been a gift that keeps giving rewards to millions of us every day.

Broadcasted in July 2017

A Vision for Mount Diablo

East Contra Costa County Advocacy in Action

Explore eastern Contra Costa County, one of the fastest growing regions in the Bay Area, and encounter significant land use choices facing people there and statewide that will affect the future of parks and open spaces in Contra Costa for generations to come.

Broadcasted on Earth Day, April 22, 2018

Audible Mount Diablo: Guides to the Outdoors

Educational Video Series – Now Available as an Audio/Video Podcast!

Produced by Joan Hamilton | Sponsored by Save Mount Diablo & Mount Diablo Interpretive Association

Audible Mount Diablo is an invitation to adventure. Its free multimedia tours combine lively interviews and music with the rush of wind and the chirps, howls, and growls of wildlife. Naturalists heighten visitors’ appreciation of the sights and sounds at each stop, tell tales of the mountain’s past, and suggest what to look for around the next bend. Photographs pop up to help identify plants and animals. Perfect to prepare for your first–or your hundredth–trip up the mountain.

Introducing Mount Diablo

Why is this 3,849-foot mountain so central to California’s natural and cultural history? Discover the lore and legends of Mount Diablo State Park and surrounding wildlands. Perfect for your first (or 100th) drive up the mountain! Sponsored by Save Mount Diablo and the California State Parks Foundation. First published in 2010. Revised in 2017. Featuring Seth Adams, Gary Bogue,  Ken Lavin, Mike Moran, and Beverly Ortiz, with Carl Magruder as William Brewer.

Watch the series.

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve

Welcome to this 16-part tour of Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. In the late 1800s, these hills bustled with industry. There were some 900 miners—some as young as eight years old—and miles and miles of underground tunnels. It was the largest coal mining operation in California history. And nature largely has restored itself here to spectacular beauty and ecological health. Black Diamond Mines has so many different stories—cultural, resource. But what it really is is a story about ecological restoration.

Watch the series.

A Geology Tour on the Mary Bowerman Trail

Featuring naturalist Ken Lavin, this guided hike focuses on the geology of California’s 3,849-foot Mount Diablo. Sponsored by the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association, first published in 2009, updated in 2017.

Watch the series. 

Harvest of Fire: A Hiker’s Guide to Mount Diablo Plants

Enjoy five fascinating hikes led by rare-plant expert Heath Bartosh.  Gain an appreciation for the long-hidden flora revealed by recent fires. Nod to the work of the scientists who’ve worked these storied slopes. And—by the end of this nine-part series—get ready to make your own discoveries!

Presented by Save Mount Diablo, in partnership with Mount Diablo Interpretive Association.

Production & Narration by: Joan Hamilton

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