Become an Advocate for the Land

Be proactive—write a letter or make a few phone calls.

Land Use Planning Advocacy Works!

Your grassroots efforts make a major difference in obtaining funds that will be used to expand Mount Diablo and surrounding regional parks and also to ensure smart development in the Tri-Valley area. Letters and phone calls are counted and used by our elected and appointed officials to gauge support or opposition to issues.

How to Do It


Mailed letters or faxes are given more weight than phone calls and emails. Letters simply need to state either support or opposition for funding or an issue. The more they are to the point, the better.


When the receptionist answers, simply say you are calling to convey your opinion to the supervisor, assembly member, senator, etc. The receptionist will type your comments supporting or opposing an issue and pass them on to your elected official.

Take a Stand for Mount Diablo and its Foothills

When you visit a particular issue on our Land Use Campaigns page, make note of the city council or board that is the decision maker on the project, call them, and add your voice to those protecting open space!

  • See the current list of all elected officials in Contra Costa County.