Featured Image (above): Development in Pittsburg hills, with the proposed Faria annexation area in the background. Photo credit: Scott Hein.

The beautiful hills that overlook the future regional park on the former Concord Naval Weapons Station are under threat. A developer family with a long history of questionable activities, the Seenos, want them annexed into Pittsburg so as many as 1,500 houses can be built on more than 600 acres of these scenic hills.

If the Faria annexation is approved it would negatively impact a huge new park right on Pittsburg’s doorstep. We’ve submitted legal quality comments on this project that clearly point out its many fundamental flaws. Not only would the annexation and subsequent development destroy rare wildlife habitat, it would degrade the new neighboring park and damage beautiful views.

If you live in the Pittsburg area, call City Council members (925-252-4850) and tell them that Pittsburg’s hills should be protected and not paved over.