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With current development pressures and projected population growth in the Bay Area, Save Mount Diablo’s work is more important now than ever.

Given limited staff, resources, and time, Save Mount Diablo depends on volunteers to take organizational effectiveness from excellent to exceptional. Save Mount Diablo seeks to connect a passionate community to our mission, cultivating a sense of ownership and proficiency in every volunteer position offered. Whether you want to help with restoration and stewardship, build and maintain trails, help with events, assist in the office, lead hikes, or advocate for us, there’s a place for you.

For the past eight years, I have been a member of the Diablo Restoration Team, a DiRT volunteer. I have sown acorns, buckeye, and grass seeds; planted native tree, shrub, and grass seedlings; uprooted mustard, yellow star thistle, poison hemlock, and other invasive flora; spaded, raked, hoed, pruned, toted, and watered; and been rewarded a thousand times over with the camaraderie of like-minded souls, young and old, staff and volunteers.

As a lifelong lover of books and reading, I have been delighted to discover, through my DiRT work, Nature as a storyteller. Not a day goes by out on the land that I am not aware of the poetry of birdsong and wind in the canyons and treetops, of the drama of the changing seasons, of that ongoing narrative of rebirth and renewal—that great saga of the cycle of life.

In a world in which hope so often seems elusive, habitat restoration work along the banks of Marsh Creek has given me an abundance of hope. Come join me and thrive.

Kristen Wick, DiRT Volunteer

Volunteering at Save Mount Diablo’s DiRT days is very rewarding for Boys Team Charity of Walnut Creek, as we are helping to preserve and restore the open space and parks nearly right in our backyard. It’s also a fun outdoor excursion working on the land including watering, weeding, and helping to keep the native plants and trees growing healthy and strong. In a growing suburban city such as Walnut Creek where development is high, it is very important to our community to help keep some of the land open for people to enjoy hikes and open space as well as continue to improve the habitat for our local wildlife.

Amy Laforteza, Boys Team Charity, Walnut Creek

Volunteer Opportunities

Join Save Mount Diablo’s passionate, energetic and dedicated volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to help us protect natural lands on and around Mount Diablo.

Our open volunteer positions are below. Check the categories to find the appropriate contact for each department, and send them a brief email stating your interest and best way to reach you.

Even if you don’t see a match, we may have a place for you!

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