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With current development pressures and projected population growth in the Bay Area, Save Mount Diablo’s work is more important now than ever.

Given limited staff, resources, and time, Save Mount Diablo depends on volunteers to take organizational effectiveness from excellent to exceptional. Save Mount Diablo seeks to connect a passionate community to our mission, cultivating a sense of ownership and proficiency in every volunteer position offered. Whether you want to help with restoration and stewardship, build and maintain trails, help with events, assist in the office, lead hikes, or advocate for us, there’s a place for you.

Volunteer Testimonials

For the past eight years, I have been a member of the Diablo Restoration Team, a DiRT volunteer. I have sown acorns, buckeye, and grass seeds; planted native tree, shrub, and grass seedlings; uprooted mustard, yellow star thistle, poison hemlock, and other invasive flora; spaded, raked, hoed, pruned, toted, and watered; and been rewarded a thousand times over with the camaraderie of like-minded souls, young and old, staff and volunteers.

As a lifelong lover of books and reading, I have been delighted to discover, through my DiRT work, Nature as a storyteller. Not a day goes by out on the land that I am not aware of the poetry of birdsong and wind in the canyons and treetops, of the drama of the changing seasons, of that ongoing narrative of rebirth and renewal—that great saga of the cycle of life.

In a world in which hope so often seems elusive, habitat restoration work along the banks of Marsh Creek has given me an abundance of hope. Come join me and thrive.

Kristen Wick, DiRT Volunteer

Volunteering at Save Mount Diablo’s DiRT days is very rewarding for Boys Team Charity of Walnut Creek, as we are helping to preserve and restore the open space and parks nearly right in our backyard. It’s also a fun outdoor excursion working on the land including watering, weeding, and helping to keep the native plants and trees growing healthy and strong. In a growing suburban city such as Walnut Creek where development is high, it is very important to our community to help keep some of the land open for people to enjoy hikes and open space as well as continue to improve the habitat for our local wildlife.

Amy Laforteza, Boys Team Charity, Walnut Creek

Volunteer Opportunities

Join Save Mount Diablo’s passionate, energetic and dedicated volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to help us protect natural lands on and around Mount Diablo.

Our open volunteer positions are below. Check the categories to find the appropriate contact for each department, and send them a brief email stating your interest and best way to reach you.

Even if you don’t see a match, we may have a place for you! Contact us for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals by Category

Browse our volunteer categories to learn more about each area.

The following descriptions are just for your information. You do not have to choose only one area in which to work—you are welcome to volunteer across a variety of areas. However, if you do have a particular interest in volunteering for a specific category, we have included direct contact information for the staff in charge of coordinating volunteer work in that category.

Still not sure how you would like to get involved? Give us a call or drop by our office during business hours and we’d be happy to chat with you. Let us know if you have any questions!

Join an existing body of Stewardship Volunteers that perform a variety of tasks on Save Mount Diablo holdings, such as:

  • Our all-volunteer Stewardship Committee cares for SMD acquisitions, from the smallest (a few acres) to the largest (several hundred acres). In addition to basic land management, SMD stewards lead hikes through our properties for interested members of the public.
  • The Diablo Restoration Team (DiRT) helps restore properties so they can be turned over to park systems for public access. Volunteers weed, water, plant, clean and build. View the Annual DiRT Workday Calendar.
  • The East Bay Trail Dogs, a group of volunteer trail-builders, works with us to create environmentally-appropriate trails through our properties. Trails are designed in consultation with whichever public agency may take ownership of the land so that new trails will eventually connect with existing trail systems.

With a land bank of 2,300 acres and two Stewardship staff, we depend greatly on the “boots on the ground” work that Stewardship Volunteers perform – including two workdays per month on rotating properties, mowing firebreaks in the Spring, monthly property monitoring visits, and specific projects to steward the land.

For information on volunteering for Stewardship activities, please contact:

Save Mount Diablo leads fun and informative hikes on the Mountain, at all levels of intensity, in the Spring and Fall. If you are an experienced hiker and would like to learn how to lead hikes, we’ll provide training.

Hike Leaders help to host trailblazers on Save Mount Diablo properties and other portions of local open space as part of the Discover Diablo free public hike series. Meet new people who share an interest in Mount Diablo and educate hike participants about new and potential additions to the State and Regional Parks, as well as regional planning issues. Join in on periodic planning sessions and help shape annual Discover Diablo hike schedules!

Save Mount Diablo coordinates two monthly outings so there are plenty of opportunities to help lead groups, learn from experienced hike leaders, and become familiar with the network of protected lands in the Diablo Range. Check out Save Mount Diablo’s Activities Calendar for the next upcoming Hike Leader Workshop.

For information on volunteering as a Hike Leader, please contact:

Help Save Mount Diablo convey its mission to community groups, service-based organizations, and partnering land conservation agencies in the Diablo Range and beyond. Participate in tabling opportunities and speaking engagements, acting as an advocate and ambassador for the organization.

For information on volunteering for Save Mount Diablo’s Public Education & Outreach efforts, please contact:

The Land Use Volunteer (LUV) can assist SMD’s land use advocacy work in a variety of ways, from producing written materials to walking neighborhoods and distributing information during a campaign. Since land use activities can be of a sensitive political nature, may not follow a standard schedule, may require in-depth knowledge of SMD issue positions and may require in-office work and/or off-site travel, the specific activities a Land Use Volunteer may engage in depending on the characteristics of the particular volunteer. Therefore, those interested in the LUV position will first be interviewed to determine if and/or how SMD can utilize them in our land use work and if/how SMD can provide an interesting, meaningful and engaging volunteer experience.

For information on volunteering with Save Mount Diablo’s Land Use Planning & Advocacy Department, please contact:

Want to build up your portfolio and marketing/communication skills while supporting Save Mount Diablo? We’ll tailor your role to suit your abilities and match your interests. Help out with a variety of print and digital graphic design projects including event signage, print publications, postcards, flyers, posters, and other collateral, or on digital marketing projects such as helping with our social media content planning,  website maintenance, email marketing campaigns and more.

For information on volunteering in our communications department, please contact:

Save Mount Diablo hosts several recreational, friend-raising and fundraising events per year, and these events are made possible through the efforts of many enthusiastic volunteers. From event planning committees to course marking, working at the event itself on registration, aid stations, food stations, parking, etc., we need your help!

For information on volunteering for events, please contact:

Our small staff can use your help in the office with some of the basics like stuffing envelopes, filing, article & photo archiving, and copying. We love company! Stuff an envelope. Save our mountain!

Volunteer to perform a variety of office-related administrative tasks in our Walnut Creek office. From simple letter-stuffing and handwriting to making phone calls, to computer data entry. We have a heavier need in the later three quarters of the year.

For information on volunteering in the office, please contact:

Diablo Restoration Team Workday Calendar

Another way to get involved is by joining a Diablo Restoration Team (DiRT) workday. DiRT is dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of natural resources in Contra Costa County. Volunteers meet monthly to get DiRTy and contribute to the stewardship of habitat for sensitive and endangered species. Sign up below to volunteer to restore land at several sites on the east side of Mount Diablo.

Upcoming DIRT work days are shown below. Not available on these dates? Check out the rest of the schedule in our annual DiRT calendar.

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 8

September 17 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 8  Join us in improving habitat for wildlife on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 8 property, also known as Big Bend! This portion of the Marsh Creek floodplain was once a golf course fairway turned residential property with horses; now the Diablo Restoration Team works to improve its [...]

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 7  Join us in improving riparian habitat, oak woodland, and grasslands on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 7 property! This portion of the Marsh Creek floodplain is part of two important wildlife corridors (the stream corridor along Marsh Creek, and a grassland corridor from Black Diamond Mines Regional [...]

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 8  Join us in improving habitat for wildlife on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 8 property, also known as Big Bend! This portion of the Marsh Creek floodplain was once a golf course fairway turned residential property with horses; now the Diablo Restoration Team works to improve its [...]

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 8  Join us in improving habitat for wildlife on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 8 property, also known as Big Bend! This portion of the Marsh Creek floodplain was once a golf course fairway turned residential property with horses; now the Diablo Restoration Team works to improve its [...]

For Groups & Corporations

Corporate Volunteering

Our corporate partners play an important role in the protection, restoration, and celebration of Mount Diablo. Save Mount Diablo partners with companies in a variety of ways—through sponsorship, volunteer days, special events, grant contributions, and more. Learn how your company can be an integral part of our work, and discover the benefits that you, your employees, and clients will receive.

Group Volunteering

Your group can have fun outdoors, learn about Save Mount Diablo’s land conservation message, and help us protect open space. You can work with Save Mount Diablo to schedule a special volunteer program for your corporate or community group.

For more information on scheduling a special program for your group, please contact:

Roxana Lucero, Stewardship & Outreach Associate

Volunteers are the lifeblood that runs through this organization.

Save Mount Diablo is lucky to have amazing volunteers who help us to keep things running smoothly.

Each month, we select a volunteer to recognize for their outstanding work.

Here are some of their stories.

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