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16 11, 2017

A Day on the Morning Side

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Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I drove clockwise around the mountain in May of 2009 to Diablo’s ‘Morning Side’, where I was due to report for a day-long volunteer shift at Save Mount Diablo’s (SMD’s) annual BioBlitz. When I arrived, biologists were scurrying around with binoculars, hand lenses, and butterfly nets, counting any species they could find. It was the pinnacle of naturalist nerdom and I was [...]

1 10, 2016

My Mount Diablo | Carol Lane

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I grew up in Marin County thinking Mount Tamalpais was the greatest mountain ever. When I moved to Contra Costa County in the early 1990’s, Mt. Tam was still the best. Then trail running came into my life and through it I began to learn of and appreciate all the nuances of my new home park. There were waterfalls, beautiful flowers and trees, tarantulas and beautiful snakes. The views of [...]