Parcels Protected by Acquisition or Conservation Easement

Save Mount Diablo holds a variable number of properties as we work to place them with a park agency or under the permanent protection of a conservation easement.

While we own these properties, we steward them to improve conditions and protect their most sensitive areas. Our amazing stewardship staff and volunteers usually begin by cleaning up properties, removing trash or old ranching materials, sometimes even demolishing vacant houses. We encourage research on our properties, offer guided hikes, conduct conservation grazing where appropriate, implement habitat restoration projects, and work with neighbors to care for roads, fences, and gates.

Learn more about how Save Mount Diablo preserves, defends, and restores land through AcquisitionLand Use Planning Advocacy, and Stewardship to fulfill our time-sensitive land conservation mission.

Conservation Buyer Program

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Meredith Hendricks
Land Programs Director
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Preserved Land Acquisitions and Property Holdings

Anderson Ranch

1650 Curry Canyon Road


North Peak Ranch

North Peak Ranch

Hanson Hills

Save Mount Diablo Marsh Creek 8 property oaks and grassland

Big Bend (Marsh Creek 8)

Rolling hills and oaks on the Highland Springs property owned by Save Mount Diablo

Highland Springs

Curry Creek with overhanging riparian trees at Save Mount Diablo Curry Canyon Ranch with Mount Diablo in the distance

Curry Canyon Ranch

View from Save Mount Diablo's Marsh Creek 5 property

Marsh Creek 5

Save Mount Diablo Marsh Creek property

Marsh Creek 7

Lot 25

Marsh Creek 6

Thomas Kirker Creek