Habitat Restoration

Protecting our most vulnerable natural resources

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Habitat Restoration

Protecting Biodiversity and Enhancing Diablo’s Natural Resources

As suburban landscapes expand into natural environments, ecological restoration becomes increasingly important for the viability of natural resources in Contra Costa County. Development pressures threaten biodiversity and pose the highest risk to rare, endemic, and sensitive species. It is the responsibility of land managers to protect and enhance their most vulnerable natural resources.

Tuesday, December 17th  9:00

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 4 & 6  Enjoy the beauty of Mount Diablo’s foothills as we help native bunchgrasses, shrubs, and woody plantings establish in the Marsh …

Saturday, December 7th  9:00

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Ang Enjoy a morning alongside large, aged oak trees and rolling hills as we cultivate our habitat restoration site at the Ang property. Here, we …

Tuesday, November 19th  9:00

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 8  Join us in improving habitat for wildlife on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 8 property, also known as Big Bend! This portion …

Saturday, November 2nd  9:00

Diablo Restoration Team Workday – Marsh Creek 7  Join us in improving riparian habitat, oak woodland, and grasslands on Save Mount Diablo’s Marsh Creek 7 property! This portion of the …

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Restoration Projects

Big Bend (Marsh Creek 8) Riparian Restoration

Mangini Ranch Rangeland Restoration

Curry Canyon Stock Pond Restoration

Irish Canyon Riparian Restoration

Ang Riparian Restoration

Marsh Creek 4 Riparian Restoration